Meet Your Agent


Jennifer Morton, founder and owner of World Travel Outpost, has spent her entire career helping people plan their dream vacations. She describes her passion for detail-oriented planning as a true gift and a skill she has wholeheartedly dedicated to the travel industry.

Morton's indefatigable wanderlust was sparked at a young age, when as a member of an outdoor adventure club, she spent weekends exploring mountains, rivers and oceans. An especially memorable moment occurred on a 70-foot wood-hulled schooner in the waters off the Bahamas. Watching shooting stars amid the silence of the sea at night, she sensed an awakening excitement about seeing the world, aware that countless other incredible destinations await anyone who seeks to discover them.

Morton's developing career in tourism, which involved adventures throughout Europe, New Zealand, the South Pacific and the Caribbean, only expanded her love for travel. She earned her degree in hospitality and tourism management at the University of Tennessee, then worked for an airline and a student travel agency on campus at UT. Morton transitioned to the luxury sector of the market with a 2005 move Florida to work for AAA Travel in Ponte Vedra Beach, adding a new niche to her expertise. In November 2012, Morton launched World Travel Outpost, bringing together her extensive experience and an unwavering enthusiasm for travel, people and detail-oriented planning. Today, every single trip she designs for a client reaffirms her passion for the business.